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Jack or interviews real driver bilbo  Empty Jack or interviews real driver bilbo

Post by bilbobaggins on Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:46 pm

Hey jackie

Jackie : hi bilbo

Jamie : call me Jamie .

Jackie ok Jamie so still some tention between you and tarek ?

Jamie : always.... No it's a friendly rivalry, just banter but hey I'm the peoples champ and he just seems to be hated by the people, so i like to stick it to him show him who's boss.

Jackie : tarek seems to be catching you on the pace especially in the wet conditions. Do you think he could cause trouble for you or do you think it's just Marcos that's to stand in your way for the title.?

Jamie : that's an easy question. Tarek has not looked strong at all with the new cars and doesn't seem to be finding the pace I'm use to from him, but he is always a threat. You can't turn your back on him. Marcos is strong but today shows he is not always strong and like me needs to be in the car during the weak to have pace. The only thing you are not seeing is that there are a number of drivers that concern me this season, and can take points from me easy, jake , tim , Roberto , yuls all had high scoring results and very powerful to take points that I need.

Jackie : so was there a plan today or did the win come easy,?

Jamie: was you watching the race ? I had it covered ... No Iwe didn't have a plan, only one car due to contract issues on the other side of the garage. I made a mistake in quali I should of had a 1:13:800 but made a mistake and put my Wheels to far over the last corner. When jake took pole I knew all I had to do was stay with him and the rain would do the rest. The only thing that concerned me was if it would rain enougth for wets. On interested it's not to bad for everyone, but on wets I have control like no other and I can make time up unlike others on the grid. This was the only plan. Wait for the rain take the win.

Jackie : was it realy that easy wet conditions always cause problems and these cars are hard to handle in the wet.

Jamie : ofcourse not, these car are a handful. When I got behind jake I needed to stay out of his warm air he was cause me to lose front end grip , braking points was a lot different, the back end moves on every inch from throttle to braking. In the end it was tarek who woke me up. I was stuck behind jake for so long fighting I just lost my sense of purpose. Then tarek was behind and I knew if I kept losing time to jake tarek could have the posibility to take me and jake. So I pushed and speed and power worked. Then it was just home sailing.

Jackie: very interesting watching the race some great fights and close calls. Great win and we can't wait for the next race. A track you like Austria ?

Jamie: I'm sure others will not like hearing this but yes love this track, I have one goal hear...... Take it all haha.

No love this track very fast paced track with lots of overtaking places I think you will see some great fights there from 1st to last place.

Jackie: Thankyou for this interview Jamie and good luck for next week.


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