Red bull home GP interview

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Red bull home GP interview  Empty Red bull home GP interview

Post by bilbobaggins on Mon May 04, 2015 5:51 pm

Hi all ok so as I'm sure you are wanting a interview so what can I say about this weekend.

The drivers and the team didn't have the best of weekends, to start with bilbo had some setup problems and he had to work extra hard. He was on the radio to us early complaining about aero and power unit problems. We looked at the data and could see there was a problem with the power unit. We are not sure as to what the problem is just yet tho. We did ask bilbo to park the car but he asked to continue saying he thinks he can get points so we made the choice as a team to agree.

The collision on lap one was not to much of a problem, bilbo has been to see jake down in Mercedes and I beleave they are ok with everything.

It was a shame to have not been on the podium but we look foward to Bilbo's home race we know we have a great package here and we will push and test hard to get the win. The car had great grip levels here and great top speed, strategy will have to be perfect. I ecpect the Mercedes, Ferrari and Mclaren to give us a hard time. But I know bilbo is focused and this is the race he goes on to us the most, he always wants everything double checked and correct.

Yes ok so you want to know about the second car.

I'm affraid because of legal reasons we can not talk about this but it is being dealt with and will hopefully be sorted soon.

Bilbo is very focused yes and yes it is a little harder only gaining info and data about one car on practise but bilbo is a champ and he knows what he wants and how he wants it. I do beleave he has a great chance to be a champ for a second time and we will do everything to make it happen for him.

The competition is strong and we take nothing for granted. The mclaren is strong and are strongest rival but there's no putting aside Ferrari and Mercedes also catching and only a couple points behind.

The season has been great to watch so far and I can't wait to see the outcome of the next race.

Congratulations to Marcos and mclaren great job in Austria.


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Red bull home GP interview  Empty Re: Red bull home GP interview

Post by Marcosf1 on Tue May 05, 2015 11:43 am

Obrigado Jamie e red bull  Very Happy também estou ansioso pela corrida em englaterra vai ser duro esperemos estar a um bom nível e especialmente que não havia uma corrida em piso molhado ai sabemos que será mais difícil pois és o rei da chuva Jamie um abraço


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